Save Big! Build Your Own or Choose a Prepackaged Bundle.

Buying by the bundle is the best way to purchase high quality meat at discount prices. When you purchase the bundles, we pass the savings on to you.

Bundle Q&A

  1. What quality is the meat in the prepackaged bundles?
    The bundles are standard conventional choice, and choice and higher,these are standard conventional, but you can request a bundle be comprised of the All natural and high choice and prime if you desire too, with a price difference. It is an excellent product with the highest grade and you won’t be disappointed. We are able to offer you a significant savings by buying in bulk.
  2. How big are the steaks?
    Steaks are cut half pound to 1 pound each depending on the cut of meat.
  1. Can you make personalized bundles from the Grade 1 meat?
    Yes! we can custom build your order with whatever you want, in fact one of the most popular bundles We have is the “build your own.” You pick from the case what you want and once you hit 200.00 we discount it to bundle prices of 20% off. That way you get the premium meats with discounted prices.
  1. What kind of bundles do you have?
    You can choose from Beef, Pork, Chicken, Veggies, Wild Game, Seafood, and much more. It’s all up to you the customer. YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU USE….AND YOUR BUDGET.
  2. Can I call in my bundle order?
    Call ahead and we will have your bundle ready when you arrive. BUT WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DON’T. Simply put we have so many choices and options it’s nearly impossible to do over the phone. Once you have been here and built a personal relationship with one or more of us, than we will remember how you like your order making it an easier process over the phone.

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