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Family Owned and Operated

Founded in 1964 by Gerald Dinsmore Sr., Harvard Meats opened its first location under the name “Harvard Meats” at the corner of Harvard and 15th St nearly a decade ago. As competition grew and grocery store chains thrived, driving most meat markets out of business, Harvard Meats remained strong. Their commitment to bring fresh, quality meats to their customers and build strong relationships caused them to flourish.

In 2015, Harvard Meats expanded into Broken Arrow at the corner of Elm and 91st. “This is our backyard. Tulsa and Broken Arrow are our homes. We serve the community with the best possible food we can get and with a smile!”

Harvard Meats also fills a unique niche. They carry rare and hard to find meats such as; elk, quail, rabbit, alligator, and frog legs and many other exotic meats in the frozen section.

Day-to-day operations are handled by Gerald’s sister, Catina, and wife Melanie. Unfortunitly, Gerald suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and rarely can make an appearance.

Third generation and Niece Erin also assists the family run business. As she operates and manages the Broken Arrow location “It has been fabulous seeing the third generation get involved,” says Melanie and Gerald. “And now our son Daymon is becoming involved in the business”

The Dinsmores welcome the opportunity to meet their shoppers. “Feel free to come to either location just to meet us and our staff.  Call or email with any questions. We would love to hear from you.” Even if you don’t plan on buying anything. Just come by and say howdy.