Harvard Meats located in Broken Arrow


We accept EBT, Oklahoma Access

Harvard Meats is a retail meat market and old time grocer offering you and your family the BEST possible Beef, Pork and Poultry your hard earned money can buy. As well as many hard to find and exotic meats. You will also find a full assortment of local farm Eggs, local Milk and cheeses, and many other LOCALLY PRODUCED items from Honey to Spices. An assortment of seafood, and flour, sugar and rice and grains to our special blends of coffee, ground and whole bean.

   With all the corporate BIG BOX stores killing small business across America, Harvard Meats is still hanging in there TRYING TO KEEP THE ECONOMIC ENGINE OF AMERICA RUNNING..when small businesses are gone we are in REAL TROUBLE.  Even if it’s not here, please support small businesses whenever you can. 

   We offer contemporary country setting in a charming atmosphere reminiscent of an old time butcher and grocer. Anybody remember Sam the butcher on Brady Bunch? Having a food expert in your circle of “people you know” is like having a Dr., or Mechanic in your family..Very valuable!
  Much of our product line is vegetarian fed without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics or animal byproducts. This assures the safest possible product for you and your family. With impeccable customer service with a smile from this small family owned and operated market you are sure to be pleased with all we offer…like Beef,Pork,Poultry,Lamb,Bison as well as plenty of produce and even organic spices from around the world as well as locally produced Dairy and local cheeses, deli meats, wild game,and much more. Be sure to check out the navigation menu for  our VIP section as this will give you valuable unadvertised coupons to save BIG money.  We hope to see you soon. 

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